Wujin Jiangda Electronic Elements Factory is a specialized company situated in Changzhou City of China, manufacturing electronic related products, such as audio/video cables, connectors, adaptors, alligator clips, antennas and other various elements.

  Having its own manufacturing background in Changzhou along with world wide affiliation with major producers of various commodities, the company has been able to develope its presence into international market. The company has world wide partners in Europe, East Asia, Middle East, South America, Hongkong and USA etc. The company is proud to have its professional approach towards its customers and thereby converting business into long term relationship .

  The company is planning to get into various other countries in order to enhance its presence into international market .

  The company always looks to cater to the need of genuine buyers who are quality councious and who look for timely and precise delivery with competitive pricings.

  We appreciate your valuable time and effort in order to visit our website and look forward to your suggestions and business if we can cater to.

  Our website will give you some brief about our activities and credential about our company.

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